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I absolutely love wedding photography.

Because I have a great wife I know personally how great a good marriage can be. When I'm at a wedding I love watching and anticipating things as they unfold and then capturing the really great, perishable, fleeting moments that are found in weddings in such great abundance. I hope it shows!

For me it's fun to work with couples who are excited about each other and about their wedding. Couples who are interested in seeing pictures that tell the real story, couples who want their day documented the way it happened from pre-ceremony preparations, to the serious moments during the ceremony, to the celebration and fun of the reception, couples who enjoy photography that shows emotion as people celebrate and interact-these are the couples I love to work with and these are the couples who enjoy working with me.

Of course in addition to capturing the important moments of your wedding day I also love capturing the classic, posed images and the traditional group photographs. Normally I go through these rather quickly and efficiently; however, some brides and grooms ask that we set aside additional time to create fun, classic, or artistically posed images of them or of themselves and members of their wedding party. Of course I'm delighted to do so.

If you think you might want me to be a part of your wedding day shoot me an email or give me a call. I'd love to hear from you.

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